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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a man ignites a fire at a gas station. >> and progress is being made in fighting the big sur we'll tell you when crews hope to have it fully contained. >> there is a major security breach. we will tell you what's going on coming up. >> we're talking about the weather and the wind is going to pick up. >> it is not too bed and we did have light rain overnight. take a look at the wind speed is 18 mi. per hour winds. it is 10 mi. per hour in about snovato. it is stl wants to be just breezy in
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certain spots but very gusty approaching 3:00 p.m. by 6:00 p.m. the wind advisory will be expire will still have went between 9 and 26 mi. per hour. the wind will come down by the weekend and i will walk you through the timing coming up. >> we are still looking at a pretty good ride around the bay things are quiet and the chp is not tracking any thing in the web incidents. the bay bridge toll plaza has a very light delays in the left and right cash lanes. fasttrack users-test is pretty much shows you. there is no problem on the upper deck and i will quickly show you interstate 580 westbound where there is slow traffic and that is because of an accident at green bell. >>
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following breaking news out of oakland where a crash has sparked a fire at a gas station. kron four's mike pelton is live scene with more, mike? >> two pumps were taken off, there is a lot of work to do. they are waiting for a company that services the gas station to come out and isolate these. as you look behind you see this bmw is still entangled with one of these pumps. he took these pumps off the stanchion. a fire started this morning. here is some of the video. the tried to make a traffic stop or around 2:20 a.m. but during that process the car sped off in loss control and smashed through two pumps. this costa fire in the station and a guest
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attended did hit they emergency shut off. the vapors still burned and fire crews put a foam blanket down. you have a lot agency's planned a role in this, the alameda county, oakland, and has met crezmat cr >> we will continue to kenyan as unseen. the representatives of the service the gas pumps are in route and they will isolate and ensure that these gas pumps are okay. we will be here another couple of hours. >> this interstate is shut down and may shut down for a couple more hours. they have evacuated 20 people at an apartment complex. as for the driver, police have arrested him of the eight d
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y they talked about the irony in the case and that the driver was trapped in his car and this pump continued to burn. the deputy who tried to pull him over, potentially saved his life. >> thank you mike for that update. >> do you shop at target? you might want to check and see if your card has been target says * 40 million first credit and debit card accounts may be involved in a breach. kron four's will tran is live at the target in emeryville with more, will? >> ironically, the old-line customers retarded stated that nothing happened to them but if you want to target one thanksgiving to last sunday at any one of
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their 1800 stores nationwide if you may be one of the customers that could have been victimized. the reason why, this is a very sophisticated crime. they have installed skimmer's--if theyed skimmers, that would have no right away. in this case, they would tatar this network and access to your address, pin number, your three digit security code on the back of your car. there is a possibility that they may have already made a fake card and shopped without knowing it. >> if you shop the between these days you need to monitor your account. i can tell you that i did before i left home and so far, i am safe. you may still not be out of the woods. down the road, you never know if this
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will continue. this is why the investigators are telling you to stay on top of the situation. target is jumping all over this. you can go to targets website and it will tell you that they have eight important notice. they have the informational what you need to do and we also have a hot line that they have established. if you can go to a and we will have the information online for you. >> i am terrified by this. >> i did a credit card, someone might did a debit card. do i need to be afraid to go to a target? >> we have not know about that but they stated that it
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is still safe for people to come but in the meantime, try to just get cash and do that in the meantime. >> i will try to get information from target. i will try to get tested for year. >> bart and its two largest unions are meeting again today. after failing to paid family leave clause in the contract. originally both sides signed off on this provision and unions voted to approve it. but then bart board members unilaterally removed the clause before giving their approval. they said the clause was a and now the bart board also has a problem with its contract with *another the district says the tentative agreement reached with a-f-s-c-m-e and approved by that union which represents about 220 mid level managers, contains an incorrect date. relating to insurance program for retirees. the district wants this so- called mistake changed.
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the union says they are not interested. >> following the latest with the bay bridge. workers have finished a permanent fix for problem bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. million, which is about twice the amount that transportation officials predicted when the bolt problem was discovered in the spring. in march, nearly one-third of the 96 bolts that secure earthquake shock absorbers known as shear keys to the deck of the bridge failed when they were tightened. >> the time is 6:08 a.m.. coming up recent comments by a reality star has ruffled more than one senator. will tell you what' senatfe feather.l
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you what got this a duck dynasty person in trouble coming up.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:11 a.m.. new this morning, the patriotiarch of a &e#a &e's
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popular reality series " a duck dynasty " is in trouble this morning with the network after making anti- gay remarks. >> stella robertson was asked hi definition of " phil robertson' was axa's definition of sinful behavior and he said " star with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. " the network suspended him this morning. >> the search is still owned for the bay area winner of
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tuesday's $636 million drawing. the government from stone mountain georgia has been identified. the winning ticket was sold at jenny's did shop on tully road it is worth the $324 million before taxes. if the winter crops for the lump-sum payout, they are looking at a little over $170 million sprea
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>> watching wall street this morning. >> looking at the rally after this announcement you consider how the stocks to just jump. 292 points, the nasdaq up by almost 30. the
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s&p 500 had a high of 1810. and just as the fed's may indications, we just had numbers this morning showing a spike in the number of americans filing for unemployment. now with this dow futures are down 60. >> >> a big drop for facebook shares. 70 million shares hitting the market. 27 million in a new offering. and ceo mark zuckerberg will sell 41.4 million shares shares of facebook have more than doubled this year after a disastrous initial public offering at 38 dollars a >> we have been joined a story about target. right now target shares are down 2%. >>
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smart phone users are taking measures to keep mobile computer safe. are on 80% of iphone users in san francisco said they have enabled activation of block in order to secure their phone. that is according to a survey conducted by the district attorney's office. activation o'clock requires the users apple id and password be entered before the device can be white or the find my phone phone tracking have can be disabled. >> apple is set to drop its new "mac pro" today. computer is a silver and black cylinder that stands less than 10 inches tall. the mac pro is intended for high-power users such as graphic designers and featuring a range of intel xeon processors, the new model is three times faster than its three-year-old but you pay for all that power -- the cost of the new mac pro starts at around
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3,000 dollars. apple says the mac pro was designed and manufactured in the u-s. >> we are gearing up for a windy afternoon. let's look at the strongest dust. half moon bay has 30 mi. per hour and gust. 22 mi. per hour for--in fact by 7:00 a.m. we're still dealing with gusto that are breezy, by 3:00 p.m. it will get very gusty along the delta. >> approaching tonight at 6:00 p.m. the wind advisor will expire for most of the bay area but we're still dealing with wingate conditions in fact we may see sustain when said 26 mi. per hour. we are still monitoring their part of the forecast. wind advisories will expire in 6:00 p.m..
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down the trees, power lines and debris is a certain secret >> by noon, 80 mi. per hour winds. wind gusts will pick up by 4:00 p.m. and is still will be fairly windy or around the bay area. as for the temperatures now you should thank the win because it is mixing there are around. that is why most of us are above freezing, fairfield at 39 and 44 in concord. 42 and livermore. as we head to the afternoon it will be windy but it will be cooler. more sunshine than yesterday. sunnyvale at 59 and 58 for mountain view. this is the first day that we will not see a spare the air alert. >> castro valley would be at 58 and upper 50s for
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downtown san francisco and oakland. % of their round the bay highlights a frigid morning for tomorrow. it looks like the still air will drop the temperatures closer to the freezing mark. mild weather for the weekend and a string of sunshine for next week. very pleasant weather. the time is 6:20 a.m.. >> we have a pretty good ride and we are filling the holiday spirit on the highway. even at the bay bridge, the metering lights have only been active for a while and the back up is mid way. this is a very good ride we are incident. although we have a wind advisory. on the san mateo bridge, the traffic is mold with no incidents. fifth is an easy 13 minutes. the commute around the bay, the
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east shore freeway is looking good. there was an accident on 580 west a green belt and it is on the shoulder. it is lost on the traffic too much. it is heavy but lighter than usual. >> the commute to the south is slowing 411 and the ride through the no. 41 01 south is without delays. they're still under 25 minutes. >> president vladimir putin says moscow isn't edward snowden, who has asylum in russia. putin says any revelations published by snowden must have come from materials he provided before landing in russia. he reaffirms that russia made providing refuge to snowden conditional on his halting what he called ant- american activities. putin says he hasn't met with snowden and insists
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that russian security agencies haven't worked with him and have not asked him any questions related to n-s-a activities against russia. >> president barack obama has recommended sweeping changes, including limiting the bulk collection of americans' phone records. the panel says such information "was not essential to preventing attacks." there's no guarantee, however, that president obama will adopt the recommendations for the national security agency's surveillance programs. secretary of state john kerry is in getting an up- close look at recovery efforts in the philippines after typhoon haiyan slammed the country last month. he's in the hardest hit city of tacloban. kerry announced the u-s is pledging nearly 25-million dollars in humanitarian aid. that's on top of the 62 million already provided. haiyan left incredible devastation in its wake. storms in recorded history. r >> congress gives president obama an early christmas present. a bi-partisan deal on government spending. the senate approved the
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budget yesterday by a vote of sixty-four to thirty-six. the house approved it last week. the deal lays out a path for government spending into 20- 15. and puts aside the threat of a shut-down. it's the brainchild of republican representative paul ryan and democratic senator patty murray. it calls for erasing some forced spending cuts and reducing the deficit by at least twenty- billion dollars. but critics say it does not deal with the major entitlement programsaten the ov. >> if you like to file your federal return at the start of every tax season, you may have to wait a little longer for your check. >> the ira's stated that the 69 day partial government shutdown is the reason for th16 day partial government
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shutdown is the reason for the delay. >> coming up on the kron4 morning nils. we will explain what the indian diplomat will be facing.
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>> welcome back. the metropolitan transportation
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commission has approved 69 $7 million to expand in the smart train line to the sonoma county airport. the money will pay for traffic improvements and the passenger rail station. the total cost of the project is $29.1 million. back in 2008, voters in marin and sonoma county approved a quarter cent sales tax measure. >> coming of one kron4 morning nils. a car crash just into an east bay gas station and the latest on the investigation including why the driver was arrested. >> a san ramon neighborhood has some unwelcome visitors. with the city is trying to do about getting rid of them.
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>> and the opening bell on wall street. here is another company that is going public. this is a pharmaceutical company. we had the fed announced tapering, pulling back on the 85 million stimulus. the
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dow and s&p sword record numbers. just this morning the weekly unemployment numbers came out a nine month hike spike. this is bad news, after big gains, we are going to be down in early trading. dow futures and down. >> facebook has 70 million shares. mark zuckerberg urged a shis going to sell some shares. they are down 2%. >> it is still breezy and spots. it looks like half moon bay is in a gust of 30 mi. per hour. this is nothing compared to what we will see later and by noon time we will continue to be
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breezy. by 3:00 p.m. it will get pretty gusty along the delta and we will continue with strong winds. by 6:00 p.m. that will be the sign of the time when the wind advisor will expire. the wind will crank up for the afternoon and i will have more details on the forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >> it is still a good ride or around the bay even though we have this accident there are no problems for the bay bridge. the accident is on a right-hand shoulder. it is having zero impact but the backup is starting at thin end of the east parking lot. the quick commute check shows lighter than usual traffic around the bay there is slowing on 580 past and green bell. there was an accident on the shoulder.
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>> the time is 6:31 a.m.. we are following a developing story of oakland where a crash has sparked a fire in a gas station. mike pelton is live with more. >> their goal is to slowly open this intersection. behind me, you can see the remains of a car this master to pumps. this it ignited a fire and there were flames shooting up from the ground. here is video from the past few hours. they tell me that about 2:20 a.m. a deputy was taking part in the campaign to look for impaired drivers. they tried to make a stop, this car sped off and loss control. it tore these gas pumps off their stanchions. vapors from the tanks continued to burn.
6:33 am
fire crews did get this under control but the fire department stated that it took eight ironic turn. >> this started a fire and it resulted in the driver been trapped in his car. the irony of the situation is that the deputy who initially had to do the stop to avoid the campaign, had to rescue him from his car. this is what happened this morning. >> the driver of the car was arrested on suspicions of drinking. a second person in the vehicle was not arrested. >> 20 people were evacuated and they're not allowed to go back home. i will hear from them and a lot of them stated that woke up to the sound of explosions. >> a store that you only here on kron 4. itjosjthis pigs
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are back in december moment henry brant subdivision. these homeowners say that they continued to destroy their lawns. in recent weeks and least for front yards were damaged. back in september the pics caused such a ruckus in the neighborhood that a private trapper was brought in. the city says that county trappers have been keeping a close eye on the problem. in that time no pigs have been called but those living here have not had problems and to now. >> we do not know what we will deal. >> trappers say that the pics will come back in the future, because they're going to be looking for
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food. >> a san francisco elementary school has been dealing with a lot of angry e-mail's and calls for the past week and it is all because of the on-line hoax. an article appeared on a humor and the news website called the national report, claiming that a 9 year-old boy had been suspended from school for sang " merry christmas " to his teacher. >> the story was completely made up of the school named in the article is having problems. there see so many calls to that they set up a recorded message to explain the story and that it was fake. they had to bring an extra security because some of the messages were pregnant. the district says the they are just glad that people know that the controversy was made up.
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>> we have been telling you about various stories. what about the kid who kissed the girls on the cheek. >> you have people that will write these stories and if you are not aware, you would think of it as being real. >> an indian diplomat faces federal charges in the united states. it isn't the charges that have been causing controversy but the way she was treated after her arrest. andrew spencer explains what happened and why the indian government is so upset. >> deplorable, barbaric, words indian officials have described. >> she was handcuffed, stripped, put in a sale with other people. she was treated like an ordinary u.s. citizen. the fact that she is not a u.s. citizen.
6:37 am
she is a diplomat with immunity. she should have never been treated this way. >> the state department's stated that this applies to official duties. she faces 15 years in prison of a visa fraud and making false statements when they applied to get her work visa, she agreed to pay minimum wage and work 40 hours a week. prosecutors stated that she did not file these requirements and the house housekeeper was spread over $3 an hour. >> the government of any year-old security barriers. they summon the ambassadors and stripped the privileges. law-enforcement dispute this and the prosecutors stated that they did not restrain her, they let her make phone calls and even brought her something to drink. they
6:38 am
stated the she was subjected to the same procedures as everyone else but it is in accordance with the policies. >> andrew spencer reporting. >> a dramatic scene as a gunman tries to rob passengers on a bus. the passengers decide to fight back. we will show you that video coming up. [woman] you wrapped the...
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>> check out this video of a violent confrontation on a seattle bus last month. robbed at gunpoint. that is until theyk and stop the police say the man with the gun---and in this case---at the bottom of the pile is 19-year-old trevonnte brown. the video shows brown moving farther up the bus and pulling the gun again. passengers held the man down until police arrived and took control of the scene.
6:42 am
brown is 19 and a recent high school graduate. he has no criminal history. line >> he jabbed me and he told me not to make this harder. >> but one passenger, you can see that he fought back. everyone else piled on. brown is only 19 years old. >> he's pleaded not guilty to all charges. brown could face up to 15 robbery and attempted robbery charges. >> when we come back will look at the markets and we will find out with our financial expert rob black.
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>> start making your new year's eve plans now and join us for kron 4's new year's live presented by nissan. it is the only local, live show in the bay area ringing in the new year. you will have a front row seat to the biggest and best new year's fireworks show and party. hosted by gary radnich and catherine heenan, this is the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year.
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>> watching wall street with our financial expert rob black. >> the dow was up almost 38 points forever >>this was the third best day of the week. what he said was on the line of a trust,
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meaning that interest rates would not be raised. he said that we're not want to taper. he went out of his way to say that this was start in january, not december. this is interesting. we are six shares in today's policies. you work for 40 years, said shares it has been that type of market pre-empts that has to invest some point. sometime in 2014 there should be a pullback. i am totally with that. >> pullbacks are opportunities for people like me. >> they have been mine 85 billion, the fed has printed four tran dollars. what do they do with their balance sheet? >> do they have to sell this or just keep the four
6:48 am
trillion that they have printed? >> this is now becomes a problem, we have a history and other nations do not care for that. let me give you an example, this is just not a poor economy try to get unemployment down. we did the same thing with the federal reserve in 1999 before yankee's. it was a fear that people would go to the bank to take their money out. we have this history of throwing money towards problems. >> i am into buying bonds, stocks over time. >> we did not see a lot a mauve mat on the tenure which now affects mortgage rates caree what happens with pe will want to buy homes? >> ic nothing ahead. i would
6:49 am
get the shot the gun ready. we are just not there yet. >> the economy will hit us hard, i promise you. it is a magic number for people like me. i would prefer kabobs. woul instead of stocks bonds instead of stock. >> mark zuckerberg err is cords a pocket and he will give money to issue charity. >> 70 million shares of facebook that is on at the market. maligned why not do it now, today the video as will start. the stock hit 52 week high and why not do it,
6:50 am
why not sell high. some of his money is going to go to stock options. 72ยข he is also want to pay taxes and give money to charity. it is well documented, nothing to worry about. >> thank you rob, i guess we know where we are headed. >> certain sea makes people happy. we would check back with you for our winners and losers. >> we will start off with this live look from mount tam cam. we're not saying in a then rocking like it has been but it is still breezeway.
6:51 am
we are waking up to pretty mild conditions. most locations are above freezing. there is no change in wind speed. it's not until later that we will see one moment. by 3:00 p.m., 25 mi. per hour sustained winds and we may see gus in the 30 to 40 mi. per hour. by 6:00 p.m., the wind advisor re national weather service has issued will expire. >> futurecast 4 is want to show and then by noon, the windy conditions. the wind will pickup and this will stretch from napa down to livermore. as we put the clock into motion it is
6:52 am
pretty windy conditions later on tonight. by the latter part that is when the wind will start to taper off. as for right now, you may not need a jacket because the temperatures are in the upper 40's >> upper 50s for downtown san francisco and oakland will climb to the '60s. a frigid morning were temperatures will be above the freezing mark. take a look at the mild weather for the we can start in the next week, mid 60's so very pleasant temperatures. not
6:53 am
a raindrop in sight as we approach the christmas holiday. the time is 6:52 a.m.. we're looking at a pretty good ride around the bay and we're not tracking any hot spots. an accident has been reported on an estate 80. so far there are no backups pripet at wind advisory is in place and the san mateo bridge we have not received any direct reports of major problems because of this only a moderate back up. >> the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is still easy with 11 minutes. as we update the drive time you will take to the east shore freeway for 80 westbound it is 19 minutes and we picked up slowing for 680 between concord and 24. west 580 is
6:54 am
still better than usual but it is crowded and castro valley. in the south, just a little sewing for 87, one on one, and 85 in saratoga. >> as the time is 6:53 a.m.. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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>> coming up in the next hour i will have the update on the accident at a gas station. as to why this driver was left. >> i will show you the highway on georgia. maligned >> i will give you more information about the giveaway. i will explain in
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>> the top stories that we are following on this thursday december 19th. an early morning gas pump fire leads to a d.u.i. i rest. >> a major security breach for target. i will let you know the dates that you need to know all about and if it is safe for you to shop at target. >> a new progress in fighting the wild fire. we will tell you when crews hope to have a fully contained. >> let's start with a quick check of the weather. >> we are deal and what breezy conditions. let's take a look at the strong as wind gusts. half moon bay is down to 25 mi. per hour.


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